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Our promise to provide close attention to detail is what allows Peterson Lawn Group lawns to stand out.  Whether a beautiful development of precisely maintained lawns in a community or one individual home, our promise is to deliver that experience at each visit.

Services Offered
Bi-Weekly | Weekly  Lawn Maintenance

Includes: Mowing, Weeding, Edging, Blowing residual debris +porches + entryways
Includes: Mowing, Weeding, Edging, Blowing residual debris +porches + entryways  &  Hedging-Once Monthly
Tree Services
Plant & Shrub Maintenance - Hedging
Sod Installation
Flowerbed Maintenance
Flower Install and Regular Replacement
Mulch | Pine Straw Installation
Seasonal Maintenance
Leaf Cleanup | Mulching
Spring | Fall Cleanup

Base prices include Mowing, String Trimming, Edging, Blowing Residual Debris from sidewalks, driveways, porches patio areas and roadsides.

Base++ (Includes hedging once monthly, price given upon request)

Measurements (sq ft)   Price


0 - 1,000                      *$36.00

1,001 – 5,000              *$48.00

5001 – 10,000            *$53.00

10,001 – 15,000         * $66.00

15,001 – 20,000         *$78.00

20,001 – 25,000         *$83.00

25,001 – 30,000          *$106.00

*The above estimates are base prices ONLY and are subject to change according to the current condition of your lawn, maintenance frequency, additional service requests.

PLG Pricing Guide

* The list provided are base prices and may change according to the condition of the lawn and services requested..

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