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*Inclement Weather

In the event we are unable to provide your regularly scheduled maintenance, we will reconvene should weather subside or provide services the next day or Saturday, which ever is best.  It is our top priority to provide your service as soon as possible.

Please call or email with any questions or concerns.


PLG is a professional service group providing full service  maintenance and construction cleanup solutions. Each group is lead and operated by trained professionals with years of in the field experience.  Our sole focus is providing reliable consistent service, which exceeds our customers expectations at each encounter.  Our services are designed with our customers specific needs in mind to ensure a quality end result, improved aesthetics and guaranteed safety. 

About PLG

Drive up to a yard that states,





           Basic Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, Edging, String Trimming
Blowing Driveways, Sidewalks, Porches, Patios and  Roadsides

*Basic+(Includes hedging once monthly)

Additional Services
Shrub Hedging

Tree Pruning
Leaf and Debris Removal

Spring/ Fall Clean Up
Mulch | Pine Straw Installation
Flower Install and Regular Replacement






Personalized maintenance  services.  Always, with our customers in mind.






                Grounds Maintenance

Mowing, Edging, String Trimming
Parking Lot Cleanup
Shrub Hedging

Tree Prunining
Mulch | Pine Straw Installation |Replenishment
Flower Install and Seasonal Replacement


Office Buildings, Multi-Unit Living, HOAs, Plants, Educational Facilities

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